Media Production, Consulting, Training

I am a media production specialist with extensive professional experience in all aspects of the field,
have consulted for a variety of facilities, and have been an Apple Certified Master Trainer for over 15 years.
Be sure to check out the FinalCutProX.Guru as well as Facebook and Twitter links below.

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Full Production Services
Management, shooting, aerial photo/video, DIT, editing, color grading, audio design/mixing/mastering, light mobile and full studio rigs, jib/crane, lighting, and more.

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Broadcast Specialties
Commercial spots and show series production, broadcast safe grading, CALM Act audio conforming, closed captioning, encoding, distribution, and more.

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Apple based production IT systems, asset management, studio and workflow design, Final Cut Pro X / Motion / Compressor and other production and post skills training. 1-on-1, corporate, universities, government agencies, and more.

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